Welcome to Zac and Clancy’s page

Hi, I’m Zac and he’s Clancy. I am the one with crooked nose and the gap-toothed smile, though I am not smiling in the pic. At the RSPCA they said I was a poodle terrier cross.

Zac and Clancy

Clancy is bigger than me, but not necessarily brighter as you will no doubt find out. Our person, Åsa, says he has the best nature in the world, and he wants to be friends with everyone, dog and human. This, I think, leads to trouble. Clancy has been bitten a couple of times on our walks in the park. I, however, have never been bitten, and I make it very clear to other dogs I am not to be messed with. Åsa does not care for my barking and rushing snarling at other dogs, but that’s what you get with a terrier cross. Or a cross terrier.

Complete strangers come up and hug and kiss Clancy. He is not really a smoochy dog but he puts up with it because it is affection. I usually have to press up against him and say ‘me too, me too’ to get my pats.We didn’t always live with Åsa, and we weren’t always called Zac and Clancy. But that is a story for another time. We are pretty settled with Åsa now, with two meals and treats and two walks a day, and my stuffed echidna, and a sunny backyard and bones, and our cushions and woolly blankets that Åsa knitted for sleeps.

Our favourite thing to do is eat. We like just about everything. We love breakfast and we love dinner. We love scraps and we love treats. We love things we find at the park and we love the food Åsa gives us.

We especially love the community garden, where I jump onto the compost heap and nose about for delicious scraps, and Clancy keeps an eye out for edibles. Once he bit a young pumpkin (golden nugget) from a vine in Neal’s plot, and was happily eating it when he got discovered. He got into big trouble and was told to stay near Åsa. But he snuck down when she wasn’t looking and bit off another one, and was about to eat that when Åsa discovered him. Boy she got cross. Then she took the pumpkin home and cooked it and ate it, and she said it was the most delicious pumpkin she had ever eaten. She relented and gave us a taste and we agreed. Clancy has promised not to steal any more vegetables, but I think he had his paws crossed. I’ll keep you posted. From Zac

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