Linus’ first blog


They call me Linus. Or Liney. Or Li.
I live with Emmylou and Åsa. When I was a puppy I lived with my mummy, Coco, and Daddy, Ace, and all my brothers and sisters. I still see Ace down at the park. I get so excited when I see him!!!
I love Emmylou. She is so smart. And she is very fast. I love to chase her, but I hardly ever catch her.
My favourite thing to do at the park is to play with Emmylou. Or maybe it is playing with my ball. Actually, I think it is wading in the water. I really, really love wading through the water. I would rather wade through the water than walk on the path every time. Sometimes I have to swim but I don’t mind. I love the smells and the feeling of the water and the mud under my paws, and I don’t mind the oysters at all. Once I found some sausages floating in the water!! They were yum. I looked and looked but I have never found them again.
I like wading and swimming up the canal, too. And I love fishing. I’ve never caught a fish. Emmylou has caught two, but she wouldn’t give me a go of them, even though I asked and asked.
I also love eating. I really love eating. I have never found a food I didn’t like. I especially like finding food down at the park. Ace is really good finding food at the bins, but I’m not allowed off the lead as much as he is. I can open Grandma’s outdoor fridge. The first time I did that there were sausage rolls in there! A whole plate! Emmylou helped me eat them all up. It took two goes and then Åsa and Grandma pushed a big chair against the fridge door and even though I pushed and pawed and whined I couldn’t move it.
These are my friends: Pedro, Roly, Willow, Jeddah, Indie, Neva, Pepper, Holly and Casey.
I really like Kayla, but she is Emmylou’s BFF since Laylah moved away and she hardly ever plays with me. And I really love Penny. She visits every week and we play and play all day. Except when we fall asleep. Penny snores. Åsa sometimes calls her piglet.
Actually, Åsa calls me other things, too. Like dolt, and doofus and great galoot. I’m not sure what they mean, so I asked Emmylou. She said, what do you think? As I thought I felt all warm and smiley inside. So I said, I think those words mean Åsa loves me. Emmylou laughed and laughed, and I felt even warmer and smilier.
The end.

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