some sad news and some glad news

First the sad news. Dear Stig died in the evening of August 30, 2010.
And the glad news. It is official: Emmylou is the fastest dog in the park. She won the 2010 Wenty Park Maxi Mongrel Cup.

I decided in the morning of August 30 that Stig and I had gone far enough together: his back legs had gone, the pressure and bandage sores on his right front leg had worsened, he had just about no control over his bladder and bowels and if I left the room for more than 30 seconds he yipped pathetically for me. So he had a lovely last day, lying in the sun, eating treats and with me by his side all day.
Donna, the vet, visited in the evening and he died in my arms.
I was very sad, but later in the evening felt a sudden wash of calm. Stig struggled so hard to keep going: I hope it was a blessed relief for him to let go.
Stig lived with us for eight months. He arrived in a pitiful condition: miserable and bowed, almost unable to walk. But he soon picked up and we had glimpses of the magnificent dog he had been. He was clearly used to being the centre of attention. Don't believe it when they say you can't teach old dogs new tricks. Stig learned to live with other dogs, to share attention, and to let other dogs, notably Clancy, go first. In fact he  became very fond of Clancy. The two old boys used to lie side by side in the sun, and Stig liked to lie near Clancy at night.
Stig was a loving dog who had been cruelly and bewilderingly abandoned at the pound. He did become quite difficult to look after, but I don't regret a moment of it. I am glad I gave such a wonderful old boy a happy end to his days.

Now the glad news
It is official: Emmylou is the fastest dog in the park. She won the 2010 Wenty Park Maxi Mongrel Cup.
Every year they have races for the local dogs at Wentworth park, which is where they race  greyhounds. I entered Emmylou with high hopes last year. Clancy blogged the story of what happened.
I went along just intending to have fun this year.
We have been doing agility, which Emmylou just loves. She has learned to wait until she is called then take off and run around the course. She is very good at it.
This stood her in good stead for the race. She won her heat. In the final she was up against a couple of dogs she knows, including her BFF Laila, who came second last year, and their friend Sascha. You should have seen Emmylou run! Her ears flapped and she put her head down and raced to the finish line. No-one was going to beat her. I was so proud of her.
She was given a great big cup and now everyone knows she is the fastest dog in the park.  

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