Hi, it’s Emmylou here at last.
I have been asking and asking Åsa and Clancy. Can I write a blog, I said, please, please, please. But they told me I had to wait, and I hate waiting.
I had to wait until Clancy wrote his, and Clancy is VERY SLOW, but I am VERY FAST!!!

I am the fastest dog in the park. I run in front of the other dogs and look over my shoulder at them as they chase me. Running is just about my favourite thing to do. And eating. And birdwatching. And snuggling up to Åsa and Clancy, but only when I am very tired.
I used to live somewhere else. I spent all my time in the backyard. I never went on walks. Instead I just walked round and round and round the yard. Then I jumped the fence, I can jump REALLY HIGH, and ran and ran. It was exciting, but then I got lost and very, very hungry.
I couldn’t believe it when I came to live with Åsa and Clancy. They were home ALL DAY. And we went to the park EVERY SINGLE DAY – TWICE!!!!!!
The first time Åsa let me off the lead at the park I was playing with my new best friend, Laila. I ran in a great big circle and jumped into Åsa’s arms. OMG, I was SO EXCITED.
I like to run when I go to the park, and chase and wrestle and play tug of war.
But Clancy just likes to dawdle along and sniff things.
At home I like to chase noises and pounce on lizards and bark at dogs going past or sneak up onto Åsa’s bed with her ugg boots. Clancy just likes to follow Åsa around or lie in the sun. He says he is thinking, but he never reaches any conclusions that I can see. His best friend is Hamish. Laila is still my BFF. These are my friends: Sascha, Georgie, Basil, Ziggy, Kernot and Jack. I also like Coco and Elmo. And these are the boys I really like: Albert and Jet and Acro and Welly!!!!!
That is enough for now. From Emmylou, the fastest dog in the park.

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