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Hi, Clancy here.

Emmylou and I have been very busy, helping Åsa look after her niece and nephew, Paloma and Ronan, who were visiting from New York. They live in something called an apartment and can’t have a dog. The thing is Paloma, the girl, is crazy about dogs, and she really kept Emmylou busy. I didn’t mind, I got in some good snuggles with the boy, Ronan. When Paloma came to stay we both slept on her bed. I was a bit worried I was not going to get any sleep, she was so excited. She was laughing and laughing. But she settled down and I even had a sleep in! Then when Ronan stayed too we divided them up: I slept on the boy’s bed and Emmylou slept on Paloma’s. Actually we all ended up in the same bed, with their mum. Åsa got quite a surprise when she peeked in on us in the morning!

Paloma’s family is thinking of coming to live in Australia for a while. Paloma conducted a vote on where they will live. First of all we had to choose between Sydney and Melbourne. Emmylou and I voted for Sydney. We won that vote. Then we had to vote for this side of the bridge or the other side of the bridge. Emmylou and I don’t know what the other side of the bridge is, so we voted for this side. I think we won that vote too, but Paloma’s daddy said some other factors might have to be considered. Åsa said not to worry, the other side of the bridge is a whole lot closer than New York, where ever that is.

We miss them, but now we are busy training Emmylou for the Mongrel Cup at Wentworth Park later this month. Emmylou thinks she is the fastest dog in the park and Åsa said this could be her chance to prove it. Basically we let Emmylou run off to the edge of the park, then Åsa throws her arms in the air and calls out ‘Emmylou run’, and Emmylou races up to us as fast as she can, with her ears streaming back and a great big grin on her face because she’s got the two things she loves best on her mind: running and eating a treat.

Emmylou at the park

I’ll let you know how she goes.

from Clancy.

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