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Monday, May 28th, 2007

Clancy has asked me to write about our best friend Hamish.
Hamish used to work at a puppy farm, before he was rescued and went to live with Åsa’s friend Annie. We like Hamish because he has, to quote Clancy, no tickets on himself. We like it when he comes to visit with us. I especially like going on walks with him. He is a big dog, and between Hamish and Clancy I feel very safe.

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
Zac here again. I was playing with my stuffed echidna when Åsa suggested I write about him. I love my echidna. I love tearing around the house when I get home looking for him, and then taking a great leap when I see him, landing on him with both front paws. It is even better if he is on the wood floor and we slide together. When I am excited I shake him like mad. When I am tired I like to lie with my head on him, or turn him over and nose his tummy. Åsa calls it mumbling him. Sometime she hides him and I have to find him. It is just the best fun.


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Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
Hi, Zac here again.

It is raining and we are staying home. Åsa is worried we are not getting an evening walk, I think she thinks the RSPCA will ring her up and get cross with her for only giving us one walk today. We don't like walking in the rain. I mean, we really don't like walking in the rain. When it is wet Clancy won't even go out on the front veranda, he just hides behind the front door, looking anxious. I'll go on the veranda, got to keep an eye on the lane, but no way am I jumping a flooded gutter. Åsa looks sadly at the gutter and says all that good water should be used instead of rushing out into the bay, but I can't think of any good use for water except drinking, and you don't need much for that.


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Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Hi, I’m Zac and he’s Clancy. I am the one with crooked nose and the gap-toothed smile, though I am not smiling in the pic. At the RSPCA they said I was a poodle terrier cross.

Zac and Clancy